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MR300S is a profesional competition bike of BOSUER M series dirt bike. The equipped with 300cc, double camsahft, water cooled, with internal balance shaft. Engine power is 23kw at 8500rpm, 4 valves.




300cc , 4-stroke,4-valve,water-cooling, double overhead camshaft, with balance shaft

product Descriptions

MR300S frame is made of alluminume. Forged alloy parts with strengthened formed alloy pipe connect together make the structure of the frame. With T4 & T6 treatment, the frame is not only less weight but also solid enough for competition.

Other parts, such as rim, hub are all made of alluminume to reduce weight of the whole bike.Brake system are designed by BOSUER exclusively, new shape discs, double piston, MOJO brand as upgrade parts BOSUER.21" front Rim and 18" rear rim are 7 series alloy, hollowed CNC alloy hub.


مضمونن جي

Engine: ZS NC300S 4-valve engine, double camshaft, 4-stroke, internal balance shaft, 6-speed, electric and kick start

Frame: steel full size dirt bike frame with linkage, alloy swing arm

Wheel: front 21", rear 18"

Suspension: adjustable

Brake system: Mojo brake, 2 pistons of front brake, 1 pistion rear

Muffler: stainless steel with power bomb

انجڻ انجڻ جو قسم 300cc , 4-stroke,4-valve,water-cooling, double overhead camshaft, with balance shaft
Bore X Stroke(mm) 82.0 × 53.6mm
Expression Rate 11.8: 1
وڌو پاور 23 ڪلوواٽ / 9000rpm
وڌ ۾ وڌ 25 اين ايم / 7000 آر پي ايم
نشريات 6-رفتار
Ignition ڊي سي-سي ڊي آئي
Carburetor PZ38
Chain/Sprocket 520-13/520-52CNC sprocket
چيسس ايندو توانائي 6.5L
هينڊل بار Alloy, fat type, Ф28.5
Triple Clamp Forged alloy 6061
فريم Embracing high strengthened formed alloy
سوئنگ آرمي Formed alloy, knife shape
معطلي Front fork: 54/60-930mm, damping adjustment
Rear shock: 480mm , inner box, damping adjustment
ڊسڪ ڊسڪ Disc brake, disc size: front:240mm / rear:240mm 
ڦيٿي Alloy rim, CNC hub, rim size: front: 1.60-21/rear: 2.15-18
ٽائر Tire size: front: 80/100-21 / rear: 100/90-18
ڊيمون وڌ لوڊ ڪندي 90kg
اوچائي قد 940mm
ويلليس جو بنياد 1450mm
پيٽرسن 290mm
Dimession 2170 * 820 * 1270mm
خالص وزن 116±1KG
ڪيڪس جو قد 1860 * 580 * 1080mm
گرانڊ وزن 137±2KG

پيداوار جا تفصيل
اسان سان رابطو ڪريو
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